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Toilets back to wall (aka wall faced suite)

Here at White Bathroom Co. you will find a variety of toilets, including back to wall (or wall faced suite) designs. Our aim is to provide the range that allows every builder, interior designer, plumber, and homeowner to find and select the products that are perfect for each bathroom space.

Back to wall S Trap or P Trap toilets designs

One of the many reasons for the popularity of back to wall toilets, is the option to have either an S trap, or P trap design. With an S trap, the main sewage pipe will exit through the floor, while a P trap design exits through the wall. In either case, with a back to wall toilet design, the plumbing will be completely hidden, for a more streamlined look, and a better use of space.

A wide range of styles

With quality choices from Fienza, Johnson Suisse, Marble Trend, Studio Bagno, and Turner Hastings, you will have the range of styles you need to choose the right toilet. Back to wall designs mostly feature a contemporary, streamlined style, however slight variations will allow you to opt for a more traditional or modern style to fit with the rest of your bathroom.

The simple curves of the Fienza Koko will suit a variety of bathroom designs. The style will fit well with other products in the Koko range, and the streamlined sensibilities continue inside the pan, with a hygienic, rimless design.

If you are looking for something with a more traditional look in a back to wall design, then the Studio Bagno Impero Flush could provide the solution.