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Shower screen walls

Whether you are a homeowner looking for quality, Australian made shower screen walls, or a designer seeking to create something utterly unique for your clients, the team from White Bathroom Co. would love to talk to you.

Low maintenance shower screen walls

With a 2 mm coextruded ABS acrylic construction, these shower walls meet Australian standards, and help you to keep maintenance to a minimum. No crumbling grout, no more cleaning between tiles. The smooth surface of acrylic shower walls means you can say goodbye to the problems of grouting in the shower forever.

Choose and create any combination with our modular approach

If you are after something a little different, then you can easily combine your shower walls with a tiled bathroom floor, and a custom-made shower screen. Whatever your vision for your new bathroom, you will have absolute flexibility, thanks to the modular nature of the many products that are stocked or custom made by White Bathroom Co. and our quality suppliers.

Mix and Match

We have designed a range of shower screens, walls, tapware, and baths that can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. If you would like to choose products from one range or manufacturer for a complementary look, then you will find everything you need online or in our store. If you are seeking to create a bathroom design with a difference, then our wide range of custom options will help you update or overhaul any bathroom design.

Decina’s shower screen walls

Here at White Bathroom Co. you can find the options you need for an easy, low-maintenance bathroom. You can have a custom-designed, designer bathroom in less time, with clever options like Decina’s shower walls. Manufactured in Australia, and perfectly compatible with other Decina products, or with custom tiling and custom-made shower screens, these shower walls allow you to enjoy a new bathroom sooner.

When you combine a Decina shower screen, walls, and base, you create a leak-resistant membrane, destined for long-lasting durability.