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Custom Frameless Shower Screens Sydney

For over 18 years we have been making quality custom made shower screens and mirrors.





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Bathroom Shower Screen Sydney

At White Bathroom co we make quality custom made shower screens from Australian made glass. With over 18 years experience you can rely on our quality, range and fit. Though you will find cheaper shower screens, they are also lower in quality. To ensure that our shower screens are of the highest quality for our customers across Sydney the team at White Bathroom aim to craft superior and customised screens.

We always advise that our clients invest in the highest quality they can afford, the reason being that the higher the quality of a screen the longer its service life will be. This means that buyers actually save money in the long term by investing in them.


All shower screens under one roof

As one of the leading bathroom products seller in Australia, we have a large selection of shower screens in Sydney. Our shower screens are custom made and the materials are procured from reputed and high quality manufacturers, to build some of the most durable screens. In addition, we ensure its defect free and geared to provide our customers with years of service life. Plus having a wide selection of shower screens under one roof means that there is a lot to choose from, so regardless of what type of bathroom you have or what design you're looking for we can bet that you'll find it with us.

Need a special one?

There are some people who may need a special type screen, that is where our experience comes to the fore with the knowledge to make a shower screen other companies can’t do. This is where our custom shower screen service comes in. At White Bathroom Co. we have been providing custom screens for home and business owners for decades. Utilising innovative design methods and techniques our custom-made shower screens are perfect for enhancing bathrooms across Sydney. Every screen is designed and precisely built to your specifications.

Get the best shower screens in the business

Our team can also help you choose the right screen based on the type and size of your bathroom. Our years of experience can help you find something that works best for you regardless of if your budget is limited or if you are looking for the latest and greatest. So, it's always a good idea to get in touch with us whenever you are in doubt about what to get.

Frameless Shower Screens in Artarmon, Chatswood & North Shore

We are a leading seller of quality shower screens and the one stop solution for people who want their bathrooms to look the best. Perfect for creating a streamlined and contemporary design and visual environment our team can design and fabricate high-quality frameless shower screens for homes in Sydney in and around the Artarmon and Chatswood region.

Our website shows you the variety of shower screens we offer. However, if you are looking to buy in bulk, need a screen delivered to your location or have a question about our service then do not hesitate to call us at (02) 9967 4488 during business hours. You can also get in touch with us through our website's online form for almost any information you need or even if you need a quote for a bulk purchase.

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